Done in a Day Marketing Strategy Kit
More time.  More money.
Yes, it's possible!
Launch your VIP offer today with the

The complete, done-for-you guide to price, plan, sell, and totally own your VIP day marketing offer.
Get instant access and own your VIP day offer now! 
Total cost: $47!
 Seriously!? $47?! Take. My. Money! 
10 Additional VIP Day Offers!  
Check this box to instantly receive 10 additional VIP day service ideas you can offer right now! What else can you do as a marketer in one VIP day? Choose from 10 more offer ideas + detailed deliverables for each idea so you know exactly what you’re selling! The 10 additional VIP day offers is ONLY available right here & now for a special price of $37! Don’t miss out on booking out your VIP day biz!
You’ve read the success stories and #win posts on social media.
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You’ve watched from the sidelines as your fellow freelance friends launched VIP day offers to rave reviews.
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You know the marketing niche is where you want to be. But you’re completely stuck on what you could offer that is realistic, appealing to ideal clients, and profitable.

Oh, yea...and you also have no clue how you would run the VIP day even if you could figure out the details!

You could throw away thousands of dollars on an intense, all-encompassing VIP day how-to program...but it won’t be specific to your marketing niche. And it’s also way over your budget (hello! You’re trying to make the thousands of dollars...not spend it!)

You could save all your money and keep trying to DIY it. Sure, you have no idea what should be included in your offer. Or what to charge.’s not impossible, right? Who needs sleep?!

You do, friend. Actually, we all do.

Close those 50 Google and YouTube tabs. And don’t even think about running up your credit card bill on a thousand-dollar course right now! I’m giving you everything you need to set up, sell, launch, and lead your VIP marketing day - for $47!!!

You know everything you’re used to doing for a client in one month? With VIP days, you’re producing that work in one day! Don’t worry - it’s not as terrifying as it seems - plus I am here to help! You’ll set expectations early on that your clients must be readily available to you throughout their VIP day to answer any questions and join brainstorm sessions. Additionally, you’ll provide them with pre and post-homework that will streamline and simplify your overhaul of their business and strategy!

You can do this. And you can start right now.

✓ Setup a complete marketing VIP day clients can't resist
✓ Sell your new offer for more than you are currently charging in monthly retainers
✓ Launch now. Yes, like...right now. Today.
✓ Lead clients with confidence through a VIP experience they will love (& recommend to all their big-time biz friends!)
I am giving you the tools, deliverables, and pricing strategy you need to launch your VIP day offer immediately. All you have to do is go out and wow those ideal clients! 


After working as a Director of Marketing for the last 8 years (5 in corporate, 3 while freelancing), I know what it takes to create a fulfilling life as a marketing authority while earning the income of a CMO, and keeping your most important title: snack holder at the park!

Coming from the corporate world, I understood the ins and outs of a solid marketing and content strategy plan. I built them for my 7-figure clients all.the.time. But it took me about a year into freelancing to realize that this was a necessary service for every business owner - and something few were offering!

To start, I designed my plans, pricing, and strategy to fit a month-long timeline. But... I started noticing clients would get referred to me and want a marketing strategy plan ASAP.

And as soon as my clients got the marketing bug, they got it bad! They wanted new leads. They wanted blog posts. They wanted fresh content ideas.

And they wanted it now. Best of all? They were willing to pay a premium price and do their pre and post-homework if it meant getting on my schedule immediately. A month’s pay for a day’s worth of work?! Yes, please!

Now it’s your turn. But we’ll do this one together!

More time. More Money.
Yes, it's possible!
Lauch your VIP offer today with the 
The complete, done-for-you guide to price, plan, sell,
and totally own
your VIP day marketing offer.
Design Your VIP Offer Guide
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First things first - what exactly will your VIP day offer look like? And how can you structure it in a way that works for you and your clients?

This guide takes all the guesswork out - your entire offer is detailed and listed inside!

Come away with...a profitable, proven VIP day offer you can start!

A roadmap to find and land VIP day clients

Your VIP day agenda...I’ve mapped out exactly how to run your VIP days, hour by hour
Done-For-You Strategy Plans:
Marketing + Content

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Yep, I’m giving you the two EXACT templates I use for every.single.client. Whether they’re a 6-figure CEO or a brand-new mommy blogger, these two templates are exactly what I use to develop a marketing plan that works and converts.

Exactly what you need to help your clients clearly define their business and marketing goals. There are over twenty slides ready for you to customize and deliver to your clients. No more worrying if you are missing something or pulling reports from different sources - this one template houses all your marketing deliverables! Add your analysis, brand the slides to match the client’s style, send it off, and wait for those rave reviews!

Now it’s time to turn those marketing goals into an action plan! Outline and create content that sells with this fully customizable template! Determine and identify the marketing channels and tactics your clients need, plus develop their brand voice and tone! Strategy + sales = success (and happy VIP day clients!).
Priced to Scale Pricing Strategy
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Ready to implement your VIP day ASAP but still worried about how much to charge? This bonus answers ALL your pricing questions - and grows with your biz!
Total cost: $47!
Seriously!? $47?! Take. My. Money!
Hear what others are saying about the Done in a Day Marketing Strategy Kit
"I have a VIP day I just booked this Friday - this play by play is gold!!! And oh my goodness, these 10 additional Done in a Day offers are amazing! If you are not using these, you are seriously missing out! This is incredible! I will definitely be using these in my business. What a great resource"
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Betsy Moorehead
BJM Creative
I just withdrew an application for a biiig job after having a really good final interview because I don't have the bandwidth for that big of a retainer client.... so I'm really looking forward to nailing down VIP days with this system”

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Rebekah Hebdon
Marketing Specialist
I don’t do subpar or status quo.  And I have a feeling that if you are delivering VIP days to your clients, you are not a fan of status quo either. 

I believe in your ability to be a VIP Day rockstar, no matter your experience level.  My promise is to give you the guidelines, resources, and deliverables that you need in order to do just that. Plan and deliver awesome VIP days!

If at any point over the next 7 days, you don’t believe you have the assets needed to deliver a rockstar Marketing Strategy VIP Day, just drop me a note and I will offer you a full refund.

Can we skip to the good part?!


“I can’t believe you did all this in one day!”
“Can we hire you to implement all this?!” 

“This exceeded our expectations” parts.

Now it’s your turn to take my templates + transform your business.
Setup. Sell. Launch. Lead. 
You’ve got this!

See you on the inside!
  • Your VIP Day Offer Guide (Value $197)
  • Done For You Marketing Strategy Plan Template (Value $247)
  • Done For You Content Strategy Plan Template (Value $247)
  • Bonus: Priced to Scale Pricing Strategy (Value $197)