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Taking a Step Back From Your Business So You Can Leap Forward

When you have to take a break from business because everything is a dumpster fire.  Take two steps backward to take ten steps forward

I doubt you have noticed my absence much, but I sure have.  I have been full on out of the internet game for a few months now.  I have been in the chaos of what I lovingly refer to as a shotgun move.  My husband got a new job and my family moved states.  Very, very quickly.  We sold our house.  Moved into a new (temporary) home.  Pulled the kids from school.  Lost our support system.  Yada, yada, ya. 

And you know what that did… it created absolute waves in my personal life, business and to be honest my mindset.


I feel like I was at a spot where my business was my whole world. And when my personal life blew up… my business came right down too. I had to shift how my working relationship was with both my clients and my team.  And I couldn’t be excited about my personal life because I was mourning my business and the massive momentum I had to push the pause button on. When in reality.. my business is a tool or a resource to build my personal life. Not the other way around. 

It can be so difficult to accept that you can’t do it all.  You can’t be a full time business owner + executor, while also being a full-time caretaker, mom, and wife.  You need to be able to shift for this season that you are in.

To us it seems so earth shattering.  Clients need their work done!  Just get the work done!  Grow at the same rate you have been! 


But what we don’t fully comprehend is that in certain seasons we need to take a few steps back, so that we can launch forward when the timing is right again.  Create that white space you need in order to regain your vision. Focus on where you need to be today, and let go of the fear and constant bar raising.  Focus where you need to be, and the money will come – I promise. 

All this to say, you are going to notice some shifts around my corner of the internet.  Less content, more serving.  I am still here to help you on your business journey.  

Sometimes business feels like it’s a total dumpster fire surrounding you.  Sometimes it feels like you are growing at a rate that is faster than you can move.  

And the thing is, these moments aren’t planned.  They are shotgun life changes.  These changes aren’t waiting around to perfectly time up with a course live launch or a group coaching program.  

In these moments you need to:

  1. Evaluate where your priorities need to be
  2. Stay flexible 
  3. Follow your priorities while keeping your passions at the forefront, knowing that the money will follow

And in these moments I am here.  I am here to hand you the fire extinguisher, and control the flames.  


I put together a new offer to help you guys exactly when you need it through 1:1 Intensive Months – customized coaching with no long term commitments. 

Have you had something absolutely rattle your business trajectory? What would have helped you during those moments? Drop me a note!


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