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After working as a Director of Marketing for the last 8 years (5 in corporate, 3 while freelancing), I know what it takes to create a fulfilling life as a marketing authority while earning multi six-figures, and keeping your most important title: snack holder at the park, your number one priority!

As a freelancer, I loved that I was able to work from home, but I found myself wanting more.  I was offering VA and SMM services on retainer - as well as doing anything and everything my clients would ask.  After almost a year in this space, I found myself eager for more.  I had the itch… I was wondering… could I make more?  Could I double my income? How would I do it?  Was niching my services the answer? Maybe you are having this conversation in your head too.  Let me cut to the chase and tell you yes, yes, you can.

It all starts with a solid marketing and content strategy plan. This was a necessary service for every business owner - and something few marketing service providers were offering!

When I switched from freelancer who does anything and everything my client wanted to high-level marketing services only, I was able to more than double my income. And was getting referral clients like crazy!