Done in a Day Marketing Strategy Kit
Less time in your business.  More money in your pocket. All while delivering exceptional value to your clients.
Yes, it is possible! And you don’t have to figure it out on your own!
Grab the..
The complete done-for-you guide to price, plan, sell and totally own your marketing retainer packages.
Get instant access and start offering your high-ticket marketing retainer services  now! 
Total cost: $47!
 Seriously!? $47?! Take. My. Money! 
10 Additional Marketing Retainer Offers!  
Check this box to instantly receive 10 additional marketing retainer offer ideas that you can offer right now! What can you offer as a DOM?  Who can you offer these services to? Choose from 10 more offer ideas that are broken out by 5 additional specialties and 5 additional client niches that detail out the deliverables for each! The 10 additional marketing retainer offers is ONLY available right here & now for a special price of $37! Don’t miss out on learning new ways you can continue to sevce your clients and grow your biz!
Are you an established freelancer?  A Virtual Assistant? Copywriter? Social Media Manager?  Looking to level up your business.
You’ve hit your initial income goals, you see what others are accomplishing, and you want that success too
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You may find that your clients are starting to look to you for more support and value than what they are paying you for (hello scope creep!) 
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You like your clients now, but you want to work with them on a deeper and more strategic level - delivering exceptional value 
You’ve grown, your knowledge has grown it’s time for your packages too as well.


The doubt creeps in…
What would I include?
What do they need?
How would I charge?

✓ Have a step-by-step plan for your first 3-months on retainer
✓ Offer, Market, and DELIVER your marketing retainer packages
✓ Launch now. Yes, like...right now. Today.
✓ Lead clients with confidence through a client experience they will love (& recommend to all their big-time biz friends!)
I am giving you the guide to price, plan, sell and totally own your marketing retainer packages! 


After working as a Director of Marketing for the last 9 years (6 in corporate, 3 while freelancing), I know what it takes to create a fulfilling life as a marketing authority while earning multi six-figures, and keeping your most important title: snack holder at the park, your number one priority!

As a freelancer, I loved that I was able to work from home, but I found myself wanting more.  I was offering VA and SMM services on retainer - as well as doing anything and everything my clients would ask.  After almost a year in this space, I found myself eager for more.  I had the itch… I was wondering… could I make more?  Could I double my income? How would I do it?  Was niching my services the answer? Maybe you are having this conversation in your head too.  Let me cut to the chase and tell you yes, yes, you can.

It all starts with a solid marketing and content strategy plan. This was a necessary service for every business owner - and something few marketing service providers were offering!

When I switched from freelancer who does anything and everything my client wanted to high-level marketing services only, I was able to more than double my income. And was getting referral clients like crazy!

Ready to start? Let’s do this one together!

3-Month Marketing Retainer Guide
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A complete guide to land and run your first 3-months on retainer as a Director of Marketing. 
My secret weapon to getting PAID while putting together a proposal for a prospective retainer client.

Foolproof process to ensure your prospective client is an ideal client before even bringing them on.

Plus, 3 ways to wow your new retainer clients so you can quit spending so much time worrying if you are providing enough value.

You will no longer have to waste your time with retainer clients who are not your ideal client!
Marketing Strategy Plan and Content Strategy Plan Templates
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Yep, I’m giving you the two EXACT templates I use for every.single.client. Whether they’re a 6-figure CEO or a brand-new mommy blogger.
Including easy-to-update PowerPoint templates so you can look professional without the headache of graphic design.

36 different marketing strategy components that make starting to offer marketing strategy plans super simple.

The exact template I use with each of my clients, because it’s time to short-cut delivering amazing client deliverables. 
Know the exact framework to follow, whether you are delivering your very first marketing strategy plan, or your one thousanth
Priced to Scale Pricing Strategy
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A workbook that will walk you through pricing your retainer packages so that your pricing structure can grow WITH your biz. 

So that you can continue to scale your business, and move upwards with your income.

Total cost: $47!
Seriously!? $47?! Take. My. Money!
Hear what others are saying about the Marketing Retainer Toolkit
“Lindsay White changed my life! I am not even exaggerating when I say this. Her expertise on how to make my business more successful was simply incredible. Her Marketing Retainer Toolkit, along with her Done in a Day Marketing Strategy, gave me everything I needed to excel not only in my business - but for my clients. She gives you literally EVERYTHING you need to create your Marketing Plan. This course gave me the confidence I need to level up and provide a higher product tier. In turn, this allowed me to bring in larger retainer clients. Lindsay gives you a plan to follow so that you know EXACTLY what to do and when. She has templates that will make everything just that much easier. You can literally decide you want to scale your business and make moves instantly with the Marketing Retainer Toolkit. I have nothing but praise for ALL the courses Lindsay provides. I am so thankful for everything Lindsay has provided me, my business, and most importantly, MY FAMILY!”
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Madison Downs
Madison Downs Virtual Services
Marketing Retainer Toolkit Guarant
I don’t do subpar or status quo.  And I have a feeling that if you are offering marketing retainer services to your clients with a marketing strategy plan during month #1, you are not a fan of status quo either. 

I believe in your ability to be a marketing retainer rockstar, no matter your experience level.  My promise is to give you the guidelines and planning deliverables that you need in order to do just that. Plan and deliver awesome marketing retainer services!

If at any point over the next 7 days, you don’t believe you have the plan and guidelines you need to provide marketing services on retainer to your clients, just drop me a note and I will offer you a full refund.

Can we skip to the good part?!


“I am amazed at this marketing plan!”
“Can we really implement all this?!” 

“This exceeded our expectations” parts.

Now it’s your turn to take my plan, my templates + transform your business.
Offer.  Market.  Deliver. 
You’ve got this!

See you on the inside!
  • Your Marketing Retainer 3-Month Plan (Value $197)
  • Done For You Marketing Strategy Plan Template (Value $247)
  • Done For You Content Strategy Plan Template (Value $247)
  • Bonus: Priced to Scale Pricing Strategy (Value $197)