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How to Earn Like a CMO and Set Your Own Hours as a Freelance Mom | Lindsay White Co.

Are you a mom looking to transition into the freelance world? If so, you’re likely seeking new ways to turn your passions into success while still being present for your family. As a former freelance mom myself, I can tell you that having the autonomy to set your own hours and goals is just one of the many advantages that come with being a freelancer. I recently switched from corporate marketing full-time to freelancing and coaching other freelancers—all while raising my two kids. Let me share with you how I was able to make this transition, step into a leadership marketing role, and earn an income comparable to that of a CMO.


The Advantages of Being a Freelance Marketing Leader

Being your own boss comes with its fair share of perks, such as autonomy, access, and flexibility. Autonomy gives you the freedom to work on whatever projects interest you most and complete them at times that are best for you and your family. Access allows you to gain insights from industry professionals, collaborate with other entrepreneurs in different markets, and establish relationships with potential clients who may want what you have to offer—the possibilities are truly endless! Finally, flexibility allows you to adjust your workload when needed to juggle other commitments such as caring for children or elderly parents.


Becoming an Expert in Your Field of Marketing

To become successful in any field of marketing certain steps must be taken: learning from the best, developing confidence in yourself, and implementing new strategies. Learning from the best involves investing time and energy into education such as attending masterclasses or taking online courses from experts in the field. Developing confidence requires believing in yourself even when it feels like no one else does; this will help keep motivation high so all goals can be achieved. Implementing new strategies means utilizing innovative methods such as digital tools or outsourcing administrative tasks so that more focus can be placed on creating content or providing services.


Earning an Income Comparable To That Of A CMO While Being A Present Mom

The final piece of the puzzle is finding a balance between work and family life so that both ends can be fulfilled successfully without sacrificing either one too much. Utilizing digital tools or outsourcing administrative tasks can free up lots of time spent on tedious yet necessary activities like bookkeeping or appointment scheduling so that more time can be spent with your family, as opposed to spending it on tedious business tasks. Another way to save time is by purchasing templates or other shortcuts in business – I have a marketing retainer toolkit that will help you stand up your marketing offer in just one day! Taking care of yourself is also essential; self-care practices such as exercise or meditation are great outlets for managing stress levels both at home and at work—which will benefit everyone!


With hard work and dedication, it is possible for anyone—especially moms—to step into a leadership marketing role while still having the ability to put their family first. Moms who choose to pursue a career in freelance marketing offer immense value to businesses and clients. They can bring unique insights from their years of experience, helping the company reach new audiences or customers and drive more business. Investing in education gives insight into how experts achieve success while developing confidence helps keep motivation high even when obstacles arise along the way. Lastly, taking advantage of digital tools or outsourcing admin tasks helps streamline workflow while freeing up extra time spent on tedious activities so more attention can be given where it matters most; family! By following these steps anyone can create an income comparable to that of a CMO while being a present mom at home—it’s all possible if you believe it is!

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