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Deeper Dive Into Retainer Services

Now there are many ways you can structure your business (if you follow me on IG, you know I preach a values-based business structure… if you don’t know what that means DM me, and let’s talk about it!).  That said, retainer packages are MY preferred service offering!  And we all know, high-ticket services are the easiest way to scale your freelance business. 

My sweet spot has always been 4 retainer clients (anything more than this and your brain is just going crazy!) a month at $2500 each. This brings me to 10K+ months. I do like to sprinkle in project-based work and VIP days when I have a slower period, or I am willing to work a little extra to save up for something big… like a vacation, Christmas gifts, whatever.   But retainer packages are my foundational offering because I like the stability that retainers offer me.

Why is this a sweet spot, you ask? 


  •  You don’t have to hustle continuously for more clients (for those of you who don’t like to have a massive social media presence or constantly be pitching your services or talking about your business… this is for you!)
  • Fewer clients mean fewer headaches of keeping everyone sane (less herding cats, less fire drills, a better mental load for yourself)
  • You hit that 10K/month income goal (and you don’t have to stop there)
  • It’s totally doable only working 20-25 hours per week (which means more time for your family!!)

Here’s why I love Director of Marketing retainer packages


Typically, you have …

  • More stable, predictable income
  • Long-term client relationships
  • Consistent scheduling
  • More day-to-day flexibility

What works for me may not work for you! So let’s dive into the pros and cons of retainer packages. 

Pros –>

  • You aren’t continuously looking hustling for new clients.
  • More stable, predictable income. You know when you’re getting paid and how much.
  • Hours can be more flexible and family-friendly.

Cons –>

  • Once you’ve found your ideal amounts of clients and start working your max amount of hours, you can start to feel complacent
  • Work can be more repetitive

If you prefer longer-term clients, steady-paced work, predictable income and consistent scheduling, Then retainer packages may be the route for you!

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