Are you a freelancer who wants to...

Become an expert in marketing

Even if you lack the confidence, expertise or formal education to really step into a leadership role with your clients?

Have you been dreaming of scaling your business so that you can…

Reach (and hopefully even exceed!) the 6-figure mark?

Transform into the expert on marketing you have always dreamed of being?

Bring your clients a higher level of value?

...oh yeah, and work less than 20 hours a week? sounds too good to be true, i know...


You likely have a successful freelance business already, you’re making good money, maybe were even able to leave your 9 to 5 and are spending more time with your babies.  You find yourself hitting an income ceiling, and unable to command the rate needed to break through.  You feel ungrateful even saying it, but you want more! And that is OKAY!  No guilt.  No shame here! 

You have ambition and goals.

Maybe even starting a freelance business is what uncovered this ambition.  It might even feel a little bit weird.   You want to be more than just the social media manager who is knee-deep in Canva and Buffer, or the Pinterest manager spending far too much time in Tailwind.  Maybe you are the copywriter who is being sent blog posts to write up, but you have content ideas of your own that would actually convert, or you are the general VA who is ready to specialize and go all-in on marketing! 


You see other women in the industry killing it! And you can too.

You have friends who have pivoted into Online Business Manager’s BUT the process-driven environment does not light you up because you crave creative thinking.

You have friends that have pivoted to funnel design and funnel builders but that doesn’t really light you up either.

It seems like everyone else has found their next step, their path to level-up, except you. 

Girlfriend, I get you.  I was literally standing exactly where you are today.

hi, i am lindsay.

Three years ago I started freelancing while simultaneously working in my corporate job.  I had been working as a Director of Marketing in corporate America, partnering with my clients to help build and execute strategic marketing plans that aligned with each client’s business goals.   I was desperately trying to replace my corporate income.  I kept feeling like I had zero skills to offer!  

I started off by offering a lot of email marketing and social media marketing services. I was serving a large range of clients, and was constantly getting asked questions (because of my strong marketing background) on my marketing recommendations.  I loved giving my clients as much value as I could, but was selling myself short by just giving away all my marketing help.

At this same time in my business, I was eager for more!  I loved giving my clients the value they desired,  I wanted to be seen as an authority!  And I also wanted to double, triple, even quadruple my income! I wanted more. 


Two years ago I landed Kim.  She really let me take the reins when it came to her business's marketing.  She was a one-man show, and wanted to grow, she knew she needed to implement marketing to grow, but didn’t have the time or desire to navigate it alone.  I knew exactly how to take control and lead the marketing forefront to help her to meet her business goals.  

Finally, it was like it all clicked!

This is the kind of work I wanted to be doing.  Work where I was in charge, I was the one leading the marketing side of her business.  We had proactive marketing plans in place, which meant less reactive work.  Less fires to put out.  I knew this is what I was meant to be doing!

Upon this realization, I completely turned a corner in my business.  I started creating very customized proposals, offering one thing, and one thing only.  Director of Marketing services.  I started working in a very specific format with my clients. 

My clients roll through 6 phases, where we navigate their marketing strategy planning, figure out a process that works for them in their business, implement the marketing plan, and then analyze and evaluate.



Creative Strategy Phase


Design Phase


Process Creation Phase


Developing & Launch Phase


Analyse Phase


On-going Marketing Phase

Lindsay-11 (1) (1)

I pulled from my corporate marketing agency background to align a process that works in the online business and freelance space.  I went from spinning my wheels making just enough money to…

Working 20(ish) hours a week

Far exceeding my income goals each month (and I had LOFTY goals)

Distinguished myself as an authority in marketing (and received referral clients like crazy!)

I am Lindsay, your Director of Marketing Expert.

I know how hard you have worked to get to where you are.  I want you to keep growing your business in a way that works for you!  I want this success for you!

I am ecstatic for you to unlock your earning potential with the...


In the Certified Director of Marketing program you will learn the skills, and gain the confidence needed, to step into a marketing leadership role with your clients.

perfect for

freelancers and virtual assistants

looking to become a marketing authority and skyrocket their income

Consider this in-depth program your framework to become a best-in-class Director of Marketing:

Gain confidence in your skills even without that fancy marketing degree by starting with the Marketing Basics Module

Download the easy-to-follow templates and avoid the nerves that come with offering a new service

Develop high-end strategic marketing plans that deliver results (and your clients will pay top dollar for)

Attribute success to your marketing plan (through analytics reporting dashboards)

BONUS: Sign clients using my biz-in-a-box system (I’ve never had a proposal declined, and I want that for you!)

This certification program delivers you the framework, education and templates you need to be successful without fear you are doing it wrong; Lindsay is here to coach you, teach you and review your client deliverables throughout your journey!

nine modules

We will be going through...

Certification Mockups (4) (1)

I am covering all the marketing basics for you, the terms, the metrics, the processes.  Consider this your crash course in Marketing. 

Marketing Basics 101

you will takeaway

How a Director of Marketing fits into a business and the impact a strategic marketing approach will have

and learn...

Marketing Channels and Tactics

Targeting and Segmentation

Marketing Research and Analysis

Certification Mockups (5) (1)

Start implementing strategic marketing plans with your clients immediately. I am bringing you the framework, the templates and the strategic thinking. We are going to be talking objectives, value propositions, trends, marketing strategy pyramids, targeting, and more!

The Marketing Strategy Plan Framework

you will takeaway

How to perform a Current Landscape Evaluation

The aspects to a powerful strategic marketing plan


Defining and communicating unique value propositions

Trends in Market

Marketing Strategy Pyramid

Optimal Targeting

Marketing Channels

Certification Mockups (6) (1)

We are going to be looking at how to evaluate content assets, the importance of content categories, and creating a content plan.

Content Strategy Planning Framework

you will takeaway

How to create a custom tailored Content Strategy Plan that will help your client reach their goals, including:

Content Positioning

Content Strategy Pyramid

Leveraging Content (and objectives based on the content channel)

Marketing Strategy Pyramid

Tone, Manner, Style

Content Categories

Utilizing Content Strategy to create a Social Media Strategy/Plan

Content Calendar

Certification Mockups (7) (1)

We are diving into the world of targeting and data mining through email marketing.  This module is the pillar my entire business was built on - personal favorite topic of mine.  You will learn how to talk to your ideal client about the exact things they want to hear about (it is like having mind-reading capabilities… who knew email marketing could give you that!) 

Email Marketing & Newsletters

you will takeaway

Targeting and segmentation

Open rates, Clickthrough rates and Bounce rates based on industry

Certification Mockups (8) (1)

Social media is the content leveraging staging system of all time.  

Social Media

you will takeaway

Effective and engaging social media strategies

How to leverage Social Media to…

Build brand awareness

Create community

Attract clients

Certification Mockups (9) (1)

What legs does your marketing plan have to stand on?  It’s pillar content.  We are going to take a deeper look at some of the most common pillar content.

Pillar Content

you will takeaway

The basics on





Certification Mockups (10) (1)

Warm leads are always more likely to convert, with this 4 phased approach you will take a semi-cold audience and deepen relationships and develop a level of trust.

Evolving and Repeatable 4 Phase Marketing Strategy

you will takeaway

An understanding of the 4 phases within this marketing approach

Phase #1: Establish Relationship

Phase #2: Build Trust

Phase #3: Reinforce Relationship

Phase #4: Recapture Opportunities

Certification Mockups (11) (1)

A marketing plan is only as good as the data you gain from it.  

Evaluate the plan, analyze the results, and evolve

you will takeaway

Key metrics to look at

Setting up dashboards

Reporting templates

Attributing increases in sales, clients, (insert whatever client objective or goal is) to your marketing plan

Evolving plan based on what is working and what is not

Certification Mockups (13)

After learning so much about marketing strategy and different approaches within the marketing space, it all means nothing if you cannot implement it with clients.  

How to use with clients -  Practical use application

you will takeaway

Proposal components using my proposal templates

The four phases of a marketing strategy

Strategic planning project phases

Process creation project phase

Design project phase

Develop and launch

Bonus: Biz in a box!

I have never had a proposal rejected (and it is not because I underprice my services).  I want this for you! I am giving you my business processes wrapped up in a box, with a bow tied neatly on top!

Certification Mockups (14)



After finishing all modules, you will create your certification capstone project.  For this project the student can choose case study clients to create a strategic marketing plan, content strategy plan, content calendar, and analytics dashboard for.  

The Certification is available exclusively in our Tier 3 program.  Part of the certification includes an exclusive listing in the Certified Director of Marketing Directory!


I want you to move into the role of Certified Director of Marketing with confidence! 

You can also get access to...

Copy of Certification Mockups (1)

Templates and swipefiles

Available in Tiers 2 + 3

Strategic Marketing Plan Blueprint

Content Strategy Plan Blueprint

Content Calendar Swipeable

Project Planning Tracker

Proposal Kit

Evolving and Repeatable 4 Phased Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Director of Marketing Client Planning and Management Trello Board

Copy of Copy of Bottoms Up Bonus (1) (1)

Private Facebook Community

Available in Tiers 2 + 3

6 months access to a private Facebook group for students and those certified where you can learn from and network with a community of like-minded Directors of Marketing.


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Available in Tier 3

Get access to 6 months of group coaching where you can learn from your peers and take part in open Q&A on the program curriculum, best practices, the practical application within the business, business growth questions, and more!


1-on-1 Hotseat Calls

Available in Tier 3

Get 1:1 marketing deliverable review and support for 6 months through hot seat meetings. These hot seats are 1:1 coaching sessions where we can create your unique servicer offerings, review your client marketing plans & deliverables, or navigate your next business steps, plus these are recorded so you can learn from what others are doing, too!

becoming a...


means you will...

establish yourself as a marketing expert, with a certification to back you up.  You can scale your business and uncap your earning potential (let’s stop trading time for money!!)  Instead, you will now be able to command your worth by delivering and executing on action-packed high-value marketing plans.

Ready to pivot into a Director of Marketing?

Pick a tier depending on what level of support and resources you would like!

payment plans available

CORE (Tier 1)


  • 9 Module Video Course

LEVEL-UP (Tier 2)


  • 9 Module Video Course
  • Director of Marketing Facebook Community
  • Templates and Swipefiles



  • 9 Module Video Course
  • Director of Marketing Facebook Community
  • Templates and Swipefiles
  • Certification
  • Listed in the Certified Director of Marketing Directory (upon successful completion of certification exam)
  • Access to Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to 1-on-1 Hotseat Calls

frequently asked questions

this is the exciting part!

In just a few minutes you will be in the Certified Director of Marketing program and gain access to the many templates available to you so you can get started in transitioning to a Director of Marketing.  After going through each of the modules, you will be qualified to take the certification exam and can start flashing that shiny badge to potential clients.  Feeling confident and ready to take on the world. 

The modules are available right now for you - you are about to be on the fast track to certification!  You will learn everything you have ever needed to know on Marketing Strategy, and from the very first module, you can start scaling your business AND REACHING YOUR GOALS! 

I am so excited for this next step in your business journey!  See you inside! 


Lindsay-7 (1)

Questions? E-mail

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