Director of Marketing Certification Program
Step into a marketing leadership role with high-value, high-ticket marketing strategy packages.
Without stepping foot in a marketing agency or college classroom.

Uncover the best-kept freelance secret and
with the training program for freelancers ready to elevate packages,
uplevel services, and hit 5-figure months.

Is your freelance business starting to feel too free?!
Let me guess…
You can do a lot, so you’re just doing it all! Does your client need a social media account set up? An email sequence drafted? A blog post SEO-formatted? You’ve always relished your Jane-of-all-trades knowledge, but lately, it’s starting to feel like way more work for the prices you’re charging.
You know you need to let some old clients go or raise your rates to reflect your value, but it’s terrifying. What if they say no? How do you provide high-level value at high prices while attracting dream clients
You’ve lost accountability. You checked all those big freelance boxes — completed your training, landed clients, and now you’re just…stagnant. You’re ready to scale, but you’ll need some guidance to manage this on top of your current client load.
It’s time to be the boss of your business to finally hit those big $10K+ goals (without spending 10K+ hours chained to your laptop). 
How do I know all this?!
Four years ago, I was newly pregnant and had just launched my freelance business after leaving my corporate marketing career. I was landing clients and had replaced my income. By all accounts, I was a success. But it still didn’t silence this one persistent thought.
“What’s next?!”
It was there when I made my morning coffee. It was there when I tried my hand at yet another freelance specialty. It was there while I folded laundry or did dishes, or tried to watch TV. I was never not thinking about it.
I wanted more.
My business besties were finding their next steps, scaling their businesses, and making serious income gains in newfound niches. And while I was happy for them, I could not replicate their success. When I tell you I tried all.the.things. I mean, I tried them all!

A successful Web designer? Well, I could do that! #Wrong! I enjoy working with clients on longer-term projects, and the constant client hustle and lack of stability stressed me out.

Someone killing it as an OBM? Maybe that’s the perfect fit for me! #Wrong! I love marketing strategy and can nerd out on those details, but overall project management and tech implementation? Not for me.

I wanted more control of my business.

I wanted to provide more value to my clients.

And I knew that would require charging more for my services.

And that's when I realized what my clients really needed... high-level marketing strategy. 

I didn’t need to buy all the courses and trainings to learn new skills. I already had exactly what I needed. 

I started creating customized proposals, offering one thing and only one thing. Marketing Strategy Services.
The demand exceeded my expectations.

Today I am a Forbes featured Marketing Director.  My clients value my work, but they also value me. They want my feedback and suggestions, and have a seat at the table in all their C-level meetings. 

Oh yeah, and I am doing all this from the comfort of my home, never working more than 20 hours a week. 

And I’m not about to gatekeep the skills it takes to do this, or the business structure you need. 

You absolutely can do this.

You do not need a Master’s in marketing to be a marketing master. My degree is in finance! And while I did end up working in corporate marketing — trust me I know what I am doing.

You only need to spend about a day in that world to realize that those guys are winging it, too. They just have polish and practice. And there’s so much more inside this program than that!
Step into your new leadership role with the
Step into a marketing leadership role with the training program for freelancers ready to elevate packages, uplevel services, and finally hit their next business milestone!
Module 1
Marketing Basics 101
Module 2
Marketing Strategy Planning Framework
Module 3
Content Strategy Planning Framework
Module 4
Email Marketing & Newsletters
Module 5
Social Media
Module 6
Pillar Content
Module 7
Evolving and Repeatable 4 Phase Marketing Strategy
Module 8
Evaluate the Plan, Analyze the Results, and Evolve
Module 9
How to Use with Clients -  Practical Use Application
Proposal Kit
PLUS ...
I want you to move into the role of Certified Director of Marketing with confidence

You get access to...
Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
Get access to bi-weekly cohort coaching calls where we work together to refine your offer, market your offer, and deliver those services with confidence.  You can learn from your peers and best practices, the practical application within the business, business growth questions, and more!

1-on-1 Hotseat Calls
Get access to 1:1 support calls to help you hit your Director of Marketing Milestones through hot seat meetings. These 3 hot seat calls are 1:1 coaching sessions where we will create your unique service offering, craft a custom marketing plan for your business, and review your client marketing plans & deliverables!
Templates & Swipefiles
Evolving and Repeatable 4-Phased Marketing Strategy
Strategic Marketing Plan Blueprint
Content Strategy Plan
Project Planning Template
DOM Planning & Management Trello Board
Proposal Kit
Content Calendar Swipeable
Private Facebook Community
6 months access to a private Facebook group for students and those certified where you can learn from and network with a community of like-minded Directors of Marketing.
Why are the students in the DOM Program so successful?

The Marketing Milestones Cohort packs power, progress, and practice! You will craft, deliver, and implement your high-ticket marketing strategy plan with coaching calls and live trainings each week!

What sets my most successful DOM alum apart from all the rest? It’s not training, extra experience, or 24/7 hustling. 

The most successful DOMs are engaged and locked into the communities they’ve built inside and out of my program. When we work together, we rise together, and inside the Marketing Milestones Cohort, we will do both! 

Marketing Milestone 1:
Offer Creation
During month 1, we will create a high-ticket, high-converting marketing strategy offer that works for you
Marketing Milestone 2:
Marketing Your Business
The most successful DOMs implement all the steps inside the self-paced modules. During month two, we will walk through how to market yourself, speak to your target audience, outline your business structure, and my proven process to land clients.
Marketing Milestone 3:
Deliver High Quality Results
In month 3, it’s time to sell your high-ticket marketing strategy plan and deliver results! During this month, we will focus on what an introductory month with clients should look like and what you will need for a successful plan delivery.
Marketing Milestone 4:
Capstone + Certification!
One final week! You will create your certification capstone project during the 13th week of your cohort. Use a case study client to create a strategic marketing plan, content strategy plan, content calendar, and analytics dashboard. After capstone completion, you are officially a Certified Director of Marketing and will earn a spot inside our exclusive DOM directory!

What wins and feedback do DOM Graduates have?
... and all of this!
"I can't recommend this program enough. I'm really excited about what the future holds, and this program has been more than I had hoped for. I highly recommend it."
- Michelle Beers, Owner + Founder of Collaborative Content Solutions
"The support from Lindsay and the community has been AMAZING and definitely has helped me navigate any obstacles I’ve come across. The program has given me so much more confidence to truly niche down as a DOM because it’s given me the tools for how to deliver an amazing client experience. There are so many resources within the program for the hands on client work that have helped me level up my abilities as a DOM."
- Ashley Dreager, Director of Marketing & Strategist
"I cannot say enough about Lindsay White's Director of Marketing Certification! Being a part of this course has been just the push I needed to take my business to the next level."
- Betsy Moore, Owner + Founder of BJM Creative
Step into your marketing leadership role
  Investment $2,997 
or $547 a month (for 6 months)
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9 Module Video Based Course
Marketing Milestone Cohort
DOM Facebook Community
Templates & Swipefiles
Job Listing Access
Access to Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
Access to 1-on-1 Hotseat Calls
Value yourself.
Value your work.
And value your worth. 

Everything else can be learned.
Pinky promise.