Lindsay White

I have been where you are.

When I replaced my corporate income and left my 9-5 I was feeling on top of the world.  I felt like nothing could stop me!  Fast forward 6 months, I was feeling desperate for more. I was financially making exactly what I made in my corporate role - good money.  I was what you would define as an online business success, but as each day passed I felt less and less so.  I wanted more.

I wanted fulfillment, I wanted leadership, I wanted to surpass the income ceiling I had hit.  I started searching high and low, trying to find the answer.  I downloaded freebies, I took courses, I scheduled coffee chats.  Nothing was really taking me to that next level.

Finally, I booked kim

Kim took me to the next level.  Why you might ask… well Kim had business goals, but had no idea how to reach them and she asked me to take the reins and make it happen.  So you know what I did?  I took the reins and made it happen! I started from ground zero with her, and created a marketing strategy and content plan that WORKED.  And it didn’t work for just her, it has worked for every. Single. Client. Since. 

Using the marketing and content strategy framework I have developed has not only helped my clients reach multiple 7-figure years, but this framework and business model has propelled my own business to a place I used to think was unreachable.  

And now I am here to help you reach this level of success.

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Director of Marketing Roadmap

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Hi, I am Lindsay.

Dog mom to a goldendoodle named Friday (and at 4 years old, she has more Instagram followers than I could ever hope for)

My socks haven’t matched since the third grade

I may or may not have forgotten to pay the electric bill on multiple occasions

#boymom to a blonde-haired, blue eye wild monster

I love a good glass of red wine, trash TV, and dressing up and pretending I am fancy.