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4 Steps to scale your business right now

Have you ever found yourself Googling “How do I scale my freelance business?” 

Well, let me tell you, I have! 

I was constantly trying to scale my freelance business and find the secret roadmap that would take me there. Well, you want to know what? You are not going to find a secret roadmap, because you already have it!

YOU are the key to scaling your business!


Scaling your business does NOT have to be complicated. 

Here are 4 steps to start scaling your freelance business RIGHT NOW.

Step 1️:  Level up your service offering

It is time to start positioning yourself as an expert.  Let’s get you out of the implementation and execution, and into the big picture strategy.  By stepping out of pure execution, and into a leadership role you will begin leveling up your service offering, and your value to your clients.  Here’s an example. Do you love creating content? Do you often think up great content ideas for your clients, but you are stuck implementing whatever content idea they had for that week?  Start stepping into the content strategy space by creating content plans for your clients, that help them reach their business and marketing goals. Then you can position yourself as an expert and include research, planning, and analyzing results into your content creation offering.

Step 2️:  Increase your price to match your new service offering

You just added extra value to your services. Time to bump up those prices!


Not sure where to start? You can start your first offer at around $1000, or wherever you are comfortable!  Then increase your rate slightly with each new client. $2500 is my sweet spot but the sky is the limit! I have seen women in my Director of Marketing Certification Program start their offers as low as $350, and after a few months get them well past the $2,500 mark.  Remember, if you don’t value your worth, your clients absolutely will not either.  

Step 3️:  Start marketing your new offering

Here are some places to get started 

  • Local businesses
  • Your current clients
  • Previous prospects
  • Friends and family

You don’t have to have an amazing Instagram presence or website to get started.  You can simply start talking about your new services and skills with your current network.  You are your biggest marketing asset! But people will not know about your skillset unless you tell them about it.

Step 4️:  Deliver rockstar services and results you are proud of

Make the client process as smooth and easy as possible. Underpromise and overdeliver. Show your value and show the client their results. Get testimonials and use client feedback to further improve your offering.

Make a plan to hit your goals.


I have always been one to set lofty goals for myself, and every time I get close to reaching a goal, I keep moving the target higher and higher.  However, I have found the sweet spot for me in my business was making $10k months. This income was a comfortable amount for me, but it also allowed me to have a great balance between my income and the number of marketing retainer clients I was juggling.

So what is behind the $10k sweet spot?

4 clients at $2.5k each/month, bringing me to consistent $10k months

Why is this the sweet spot?


  • You don’t have to continuously hustle for more clients
  • Fewer clients mean fewer client headaches
  • You can hit that 10K/month income goal
  • It is totally doable working 20-25 hours a week

You don’t need a marketing degree to become a marketing expert, you don’t even need a college education. All you need is yourself and some motivation to break through your income ceiling!

Easier said than done, which is why I have the Director of Marketing Certification Program.  To learn more you can sign up for our next live infosession – where we will be breaking down exactly what is in the program, how you will accomplish your goals, and the support that is waiting for you inside!  

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