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transform your business by

becoming a Certified Director of Marketing

Stop asking yourself “do I know what I am doing” and learn the skill set that will take you from service provider wanting more, to marketing authority breaking through the income ceiling.

Do you love marketing and social media, but lack the confidence and expertise to really step into a leadership role?

If you are here you likely have a successful freelance business, you’re making good money, were able to leave your 9 to 5, and can spend more time with your babies, but something is still missing.

you dream of...

Hitting (perhaps even exceeding) that 6-figure income mark while maintaining an ideal work/balance (think 25/30 hours or less of actual client work)

Serving as the marketing authority and leader for your DREAM clients (I’m talking people that are on that dream vision board)

Feeling fulfilled in your day-to-day work and the impact you are having in your client’s business (love your job again!)

Stepping into the Director of Marketing role is exactly what you need to fulfill these dreams!

Jump on the waitlist for the Certified Director of Marketing Program today, you will know exactly when the doors open for my upcoming program and you will get a ton of tips and takeaways along the way! 

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Command higher prices by becoming an authority on marketing and lead your clients to success.

Help your client get these results…

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"Lindsay supported the pre-launch of Safe in the Seat’s latest online course. She teamed up with me to provide a wide range of services from strategy to implementation. Lindsay is quick to react to change, able to pivot when necessary, and most importantly - cool under pressure through long hours, late nights and stressful moments."

- Michelle Pratt, Safe in the Seat


Director of Marketing boss lady (4 hours a day) and boo-boo kissing mama (the rest of the time).

After working as a Director of Marketing for the last 7 years (5 in corporate, 2 while freelancing), I have figured out the exact skills it takes to create a fulfilling life as a marketing authority while earning the income of a CMO, oh yeah and still being a park-going, snack holding mama.  

I have multiplied my income multiple times, I work fewer hours than I ever have, and have been featured as a marketing authority in a national media publication.  I want this success for you, and I know the exact path it takes to get here.